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  • David Sorensen
    David Sorensen

    PLEASE PLEASE react to some video game trailers! Thank you for the stuff you guys are doing!

  • Lainey Turner
    Lainey Turner

    You guys should react to game cinematics!! Would love to see what y'all think of Blizzard's cinematics

  • Zack Spencer
    Zack Spencer

    "You're not a windrunner." Life before death, Wren

  • James Wolf
    James Wolf

    The most disturbing part was them laughing at the horrors

  • Clinton Howell
    Clinton Howell

    I need to re-up on my anxiety meds just watching this. lol

  • abs

    I worked with Travis on a commercial once. Nice guy. cool to see him hangin' with the boiz.

  • Cavan Smith
    Cavan Smith

    The one take from mean streets

  • Xeno Smoke
    Xeno Smoke

    Forerunner: *yawn*


    Can you please review the CGI of the movie pixels it's not only funny it's super realistic

  • Anjana Samindra Perera
    Anjana Samindra Perera

    Who seen deepfake tom on tiktok platform ?


    Now it's Sam's turn to do some crazy stunt!

  • SweetFamilyGaming

    True detective season 1 one take

  • Torben Titze
    Torben Titze

    I would love to see you take a look at this scene from "Grand Prix". I cannot figure out how they made ot look like the actor was actually driving around Monaco. Maybe some kind of trailer? The crash sequence has some models in it I guess.

  • eaglei1999

    Daredevil season 3 one take

  • Skin Is delicious
    Skin Is delicious

    Jan is my favorite anime villian

  • alexandarmakxmov

    are you all just fucking kidding us as an audience? Why the fricking F there are sooooo many commercials in the video, there are like 4 genuine youtube videos like just the logos, plus there are 4 long commercials about 15-20 sec, and on top of that you have two sponsors in the f video with the narration of some service or a product with Wren of all cast, AND you don't know why you are losing subscribers?!? Good luck in the future!! all the best....


    I do feel small 😓

  • TheTinman1996

    "I think everything Pixar does is, like, a masterpiece" He says that when Cars 2 exists...

  • isurus

    Niko, you did so great!



  • George Gividen
    George Gividen

    I think most of us would be perfectly ok with you never having Beeple on again.

  • Y • 100 years ago
    Y • 100 years ago

    You guys should react to fate zero or unlimited blade works Because: yes

  • tucker's randomness
    tucker's randomness

    Try watching some of the later seasons on green arrow there are some good one shot scenes.

  • Sam Enari
    Sam Enari

    What about reacting to effects in in music videos (such as believe in a thing called love, the mirror shot at end of usher confessions pt 2, any music video from the 80s take on me, thriller ect, or more modern like build a b)

  • HMZA

    First corridor ad I didn't skipped

  • Luca __
    Luca __

    man that line where he said: dont fall in love with the product but with the craft.. is cutting deep.. absolutly right

  • Vince D
    Vince D

    There's a Philippine movie with a long 1 take and it's available in Netflix. The title is "Buybust."

  • Anonymous Phucker
    Anonymous Phucker

    look at that guy, cannot even afford intact pants

  • Levi Ackerman
    Levi Ackerman

    Anime sometimes tends to get inconsistent.

  • Someguy

    Would be nice if you analyzed the Wholock youtube video (Doctor Who and Sherlock crossover)

  • Agis

    I suggest doing it again, but properly, with the greatest quality possible.

  • Benjamin Das David
    Benjamin Das David

    Please please bring these guys back ! 🔥 I really want them on this channel again !

  • Lovey prashr
    Lovey prashr

    8:59 not handsome as Sir patrick stewart😉

  • Deji D
    Deji D

    I thought Solomon was Wren for a second.

  • OrangeDrip

    The camera is kinda like GoPro hero 9

  • Catalin Badalan
    Catalin Badalan


  • Ian Buchanan
    Ian Buchanan

    Still disrespecting the GOAT Lau Kar Leung, get it sorted bros

  • Jason Taylor
    Jason Taylor

    15:28 "That was a good-ass side kick." *shows replay of the follow-up hook kick*

  • Dio

    Almost 5 Mil !!

  • Hocke

    Everything was done by: commitment!!

  • Kacper Malinowski
    Kacper Malinowski

    Do real steel!

  • Allen Wadenholm
    Allen Wadenholm

    I miss the guillotine channel guys

  • Lukoni _
    Lukoni _

    Damn thats a whole movie

  • Darryl Miller
    Darryl Miller


  • World.

    AOT reaction* :// so many other good anime drawing examples, but more episodes?

  • Marcy Marcy
    Marcy Marcy

    The guy playing jar jar looks fine yo

  • Robbie Gee
    Robbie Gee

    Hey, it’s Clarified Butter! (Ghee). Love him

  • Samantha van der Touw
    Samantha van der Touw

    If you want to see a good SERIOUS Jackie Chan then watch The Foreigner.

  • WillsANoob

    The sledge fire can be sold for 150 dollars now, because it is discontinued.

  • Jabir Hussain
    Jabir Hussain

    Bro that was a breathtaking stunt. You guys may feel it like ya he jumped from a roof what's a big deal but when you think of it if one step went wrong this could end up very badly, he has a wife and a kid at home for the love of your family please don't do this again.

  • Alena Ross Rusel
    Alena Ross Rusel

    1st terrifying 2cnd nope 3rd k maybe never watch in it 4th bye bye 5th k bye bye

  • David Weston Smith
    David Weston Smith

    You guys should do a Kevin Costner double bill with Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (for its 30th birthday) and Waterworld. They're both total guilty pleasures but the stunts in those movies are crazy!

  • FilmAcolyte

    That Iron fist sword break was weird because the tip gets kicked in one direction off screen and re-entered the next scene from a completely different angle.

  • Tom Cassidy
    Tom Cassidy

    Would love to see you watch through the playground fight scene from Police Story 2, vintage Jackie!

  • CP Studio
    CP Studio

    Next VFX artists react to Replicas (2019) CGI robot please? This is very interesting with all bulky the animations

  • Formal Fox
    Formal Fox

    peter's was SOOOOO coooool!

  • TK -1108
    TK -1108

    “Legend of The Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole” directed by Zack Snyder, 2010, day 171.

  • Snib Bubzik
    Snib Bubzik

    This was an awesome video! Such respect to Travis and fantastic storytelling from the team. Love you guys 👍👍

  • Moodee X
    Moodee X

    Nice to see Barry Kripke is doing allright.

  • Kri

    This is more satisfying than their satisfying videos series

  • Lukoni _
    Lukoni _

    The drone is stuck. Drone is stuck! DRONE'S STUCK! DRONE'S STUCK!!!

  • SlicerPot

    I call it go i lo tin

  • 72. Prince Patel
    72. Prince Patel

    0:10 that was some amazing timing

  • NostalgiaBomb Official
    NostalgiaBomb Official

    HRless is a wuss.

  • The Whizkid
    The Whizkid

    Great episode again!! Hey: It would be so sweet if you could get some ppl from the zero gravity crew. I don´t know if they still exist... but those guys had so great show reels already, in the late 90´s and 2000´s. I think Lateef Crowder was part of them too.

  • DBlizzart

    When will u react to anime???

  • DBlizzart

    When will u react to anime???

  • Oliver Diplock
    Oliver Diplock

    Mesa wantsa the hazel onesa

  • Vojoor

    The preacher had some long fight scenes!

  • Easton Harold
    Easton Harold

    this was a really good watch. thank you

  • Rishi Doshi
    Rishi Doshi

    Is it just me or Niko looks a lot like the guy from Iron fist ?

  • Hype Void
    Hype Void

    Video contains.... Wren talking about serious stuff. *F O O T*

  • Eircandir

    Clint riding the one wheel like a charging Centaur LOOOL

  • LantumBayFilms

    Hmm. That octopi artwork in the BG.. is that perhaps hinting towards a new Corridor short film?

  • D Berg
    D Berg

    Stop saying subscribe its fkn annoying

  • Chris Garner
    Chris Garner

    Duuuuude. If you want one take fight scenes you HAVE to react to the oner in Creed. There’s a match have way through the film that’s all one shot. The way the camera moves around the ring showing each boxer and their trainers in turn is amazing. And when the boxers get cut the blood is initially added with CG, but then they added it practically in super short windows when the actor isn’t in camera. It’s one of the most impressive oners I’ve ever seen.


    Movie suggestion: Streets Of Fire (1984)

  • ianoverseas

    Respect, Niko. That was an awesome effort and awesome video. Props to the team.

  • Daniel Gebert
    Daniel Gebert

    You already know this, but it merits reiteration: this show is a gift. Thank you Niko and to all the badass guests, this consistently makes my day.

  • Marcoult Rudy
    Marcoult Rudy

    reac to RAID ??? (escape from tarkov)