The World’s Most Advanced A.I. Wrote 100% of This Movie
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THIS EPISODE ► We had an AI write a video for us. This is what happened.


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  • juicyNathan

    Спасибо за видео, коммент в благодарность

  • SimpleBanana

    This is kinda scary. It can tell a story better than I could in the 3rd grade.

  • 李亭萱

    This should have more views! The editing and rhythm are awesome and hilarious 😆

  • Tstormer

    this ai is too smart holy hell but this was so entertaining

  • lucio demicco
    lucio demicco

    Idk why but this gave me a serious case of the giggles

  • J_n_B

    do you not know what a pickaxe is or do you not live near any hardware store ever?

  • Kitsune Lee
    Kitsune Lee

    This is better then 98% of stuff on Netflix and 99% offered by Hollywood. Go all out and make a 90min version! A Sci-fi, comedy, action movie from a team of stunt actors! BRILLIANT!

  • Joa Cortez
    Joa Cortez

    looking forward to the second part

  • The Lads
    The Lads

    Wren looks like Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil XD

  • I like Anime
    I like Anime

    Genre : Thriller ,Comedy ,Action

  • andrukthegreat

    Who wants to have anything to do w Canada or canadian netflix for that matter.. frckin totalitarian a holes

  • keshav tallaplally
    keshav tallaplally

    Stuntmen reacts - BHAAGI part 1 (check this movie fights scenes , they're an exact copy of raid )

  • Steve W.
    Steve W.

    If anyone else is wondering what band shirt Sam is wearing in the ad it's 'Perturbator". It's not metal as I had assumed, but it is pretty awesome.

  • Aaron Alexander
    Aaron Alexander

    Ben10 Movie transformation!!

  • Alex Jarvis
    Alex Jarvis

    Do another one of these!

  • Thuy Do
    Thuy Do

    The wolf. Whistle is so funny is make me laugh so hard LMAO

  • Cloudyquinn olympian
    Cloudyquinn olympian

    I hope they do more of these with other genres and movies and it shows

  • Jameson Iris
    Jameson Iris

    Sofia (aka Sophia) had me fucking rolling

  • Iam Nobody
    Iam Nobody

    Never underestimate the power of the wolf whistle!

  • Joacim Svedlund
    Joacim Svedlund

    More of this!

  • King Artur
    King Artur

    Why is noone talking about Wren in a brides dress with an axe? XD

    • C.W. Rudy
      C.W. Rudy

      That just means it's another typical Sunday.

  • Made in Heaven
    Made in Heaven

    This is gold. We need MORE!

  • DJ Jaxxon
    DJ Jaxxon

    Walking dead DND style actually sounds like a fun version to play

  • Night Wing
    Night Wing

    This makes me want to play D&D

  • Bobogoobo

    "ExpressVPN lets me stream Canadian Netflix in HD" Yeah if you're willing to wait an extra 60 milliseconds!

  • Paranoia's Dungeon
    Paranoia's Dungeon

    When you roll a 20 while weilding a whistle fucking slaaaayed 😅😅😅

  • ThailaVision

    I was laughing and actually watched the whole VPN ad, but I am Canadian... Go Canadian Netflix!! LOL

  • High as duck
    High as duck

    how have i not heard of you guys until today?

  • Dr. Uber
    Dr. Uber

    Petition for Sam to be a professional narrator

  • WhirlingSteel

    The AI is coming in strong on the comedy game.

  • DKC


  • Ren

    This is a video, made by corridor crew, about an AI writing a video, about a game, about The Walking Dead... Did I miss anything?

  • Awesome Games
    Awesome Games


  • Larry Rodi Bingo
    Larry Rodi Bingo

    The AD changed from expressvpn to Canada is great

  • Nabiel

    This is so janki and good at the same time

  • Nathan Holley
    Nathan Holley

    Tell you what.. If I'd have watched Matt play that whistle any longer, I'd have needed some time alone *ah hem*

  • Lion Lance
    Lion Lance

    This is crazy... obviously it’s still rly dumb, the wolf whistle lol... but think about what this technology could do if it got further! It could make its own movies and games if it was given assets to work with!

    • Filkz

      I mean its based off table-top games so it actually makes sense cuz that dumb shit actually happens 😂

  • Cassandra Guan
    Cassandra Guan

    Corridor Crew meets AI Dungeon. Who could've guessed.

  • Competine - Lea
    Competine - Lea

    Wtf did I just watch.... This is gooooold 🤣🤣🤣

  • Philanthropic Nightmare
    Philanthropic Nightmare

    Lost it at "Matt gets a *wolf whistle* "

  • Ari Schoenberg
    Ari Schoenberg

    Wren that isn't a pickaxe, thats a double headed axe you crazy person

  • Jason Lavallée
    Jason Lavallée

    Alternate title: We let AI control everything we do for a day.

  • capnthepeafarmer

    I love peters screams!

  • マッカイザクダン

    Shout out to Canada!

  • FerHivore

    Holy shit, I love how the AI kept going and made an epilogue by itself. I also never realized how much GPT’s dialog sounds like a Tim and Eric sketch.

  • Mad Laugher
    Mad Laugher

    3;40 everything makes sense he says meanwhile a wolf whistle

  • Nuzhar Nur
    Nuzhar Nur

    Wren looks like an 80's bride

  • Nuzhar Nur
    Nuzhar Nur

    Sad day is gone and never to be seen in a while, thank you corridor crew and thank you A.I

  • Caleb Gerard
    Caleb Gerard

    this is what youtube was made for

  • Ben Labelle
    Ben Labelle

    I'm in Canada, so I guess I don't need a VPN.

  • Josh Needham
    Josh Needham

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! Do a VFX Artist reacts to the movie Tenet. The fight scenes in particular where the guy fights someone who is traveling backwards thru time. I CANT FIGURE IT OUT!

  • CastorFV

    3:39 yoo a seiren x rarely see those around

  • oriontherealironman

    This is the future.... buckle up.

  • Cheyne_Tetra MFG
    Cheyne_Tetra MFG


  • Tophatcat

    I love AI doing stuff

  • pglazzari1

    The Revenant “Bear scene”

  • pglazzari1

    The Revenant “Bear scene”

  • pglazzari1

    The Revenant “Bear scene”

  • Ryan

    Had me in stitches!

  • Rito D
    Rito D

    The whistle man 🤣🤣🤣

  • David Newman
    David Newman

    This is probably one of the best videos you guys have done, I loved watching how much y’all were enjoying it, I was full on cackling with ‘death by wolf whistle’ 🤣

  • Klaus Gartenstiel
    Klaus Gartenstiel

    if as a writer this doesn't worry you, then you have a serious lack of imagination

  • Annabell Woods
    Annabell Woods


  • SpeccyNeek

    That was amazing, The quality is amazing

  • Kyle Handley
    Kyle Handley


  • Andy Gilleand
    Andy Gilleand

    I feel like the "beta" is actually just a person on the other side of the connection typing the responses 😂

  • Kizu

    Hands down the most laughable and enjoyable and super fresh Corridor videos on HRless. This stuff rocks and you guys are so damn good at acting, editing and stitching the whole damn thing into such a hilarious pile of gold!


    this is the company where BOYS wants to work

  • CG

    Left 4 Dead 3 looking good

  • Drew Danielson
    Drew Danielson

    Pickaxe... Riiiiiiight

  • K H
    K H

    i need to know did wren refuse the wedding dress at first or was it his idea??!?!?!? lmao

  • Eric P
    Eric P


  • Mr Daddy  Meosky
    Mr Daddy Meosky

    As a Canadian resident, I hereby grant you citizenship! Great Noble Bearded One!! Eh?! 😂😂

  • Judah Buxton
    Judah Buxton

    Love hiw peter got the power of America while the other guy got the whistle of death

  • YourTipicalGeek

    Why is this so good???

  • William Ozier
    William Ozier

    This is like the existential inverse of a roleplaying game, your characters playing USa you play game, in russia game play you.

  • rednaxelA

    Lori is literally the bride that survive Le Domas Hide And Seek. From the movie Ready Or Not

  • Robert Renode
    Robert Renode

    Damn... I've been wanting access to GTP-3 for a while. This was cool to see. Holds me over while I wait to be approved.

  • Simon

    Okay that actually brightened my mood :-) Thank you guys.

  • ItsFridayYesItIs

    Wren, in a wedding gown, with a double headed axe might be the wet spot tomorrow, my girlfriend will have questions about, and so will I.

  • Commander Kruge
    Commander Kruge

    Blimey! Apart from being funny this was surprisingly coherent and by far not as random any more as these things used to go! I mean, it sticks with the concept of a boardgame and all. Sounds a little like it was written by a third grader, but damn! I assume it has to be fed with lotsa text up front or something like that? If so, I'd be trying a few things next - to see how close it comes to simulate a particular author's "voice", out of sheer curiosity. I'd feed it all the Sherlock Holmes stories for one and see what it spits out in return. (I'm just reading them and they are actually really quite good and they have their oldtimey style of language that's quite recognizable). Will it sound right and will it (bonus points) make sense? Bonus Points if you get Stephen Fry to read the result (played Sherlock's brother Mycroft in the Robert Downey JR. movies and does a great job with the audiobooks on audible. :)) Next let's try what I believe will be very hard: Humour. All the Discworld books. And last I'd try what it would make out of some holy book, just for giggles.

  • Jemzuki

    ingenious, loved it

  • Em Am
    Em Am

    Wren really dressed almost like Macrophage in Cells at Work, its so good 😆

  • Baxi Tabaxi
    Baxi Tabaxi

    AI dungeon be like

  • Giovanni Spada
    Giovanni Spada

    Femboi Wren. That's it, thank you for reading.

  • 《Sniped.》


  • Nathan Wilde
    Nathan Wilde

    The night comes for us. Not just for special effects but also stunt men react cause they both go hand in hand.


    A CAN OF beans

  • Rainy Daze
    Rainy Daze

    My favorite video y’all have done 🙌 Wolf Whistle for The Win! 🔥

  • Yoyoskull

    Mars Attacks zombies are great 😂

  • Sal Sushi
    Sal Sushi

    They sound like a school presentation.

  • Max Grøn
    Max Grøn

    I want a DnD walking dead seris like this Or just more AI script... Or both

  • Max Grøn
    Max Grøn

    Pickaxe.... Gets a battle axe... 🙃

  • Bronwyn Alayne
    Bronwyn Alayne

    this is amazing,id love to see it done again!

  • GenJko _
    GenJko _

    this is incredible lmao

  • IdkInner !
    IdkInner !

    Hey corridor crew can you make a video on how fast the stands in Jojo bizarre adventure anime really punch?

  • Prometheus unchained
    Prometheus unchained

    VFX Reacts - Eight legged freaks.

  • Lohith Jager
    Lohith Jager

    Hey corridor crew, can we see how big the axiom from Wall-E is in real life

  • An Apple.
    An Apple.

    Scary how all those names are Actual names from the walking dead show, except bill hes from the tel tale games

  • Eastern Gamer
    Eastern Gamer

    Beware marvel the corridor studio is about to crush the competition