VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 42
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Niko and Wren are joined by Freddie Wong of Rocket Jump to discuss some of the best (and worst) Volcano CGI from big-budget films!

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  • D Berg
    D Berg

    Stop saying subscribe its fkn annoying

  • Mimsy

    Lucius Malfoy didn’t give up on his plans to wipe out muggles.

  • OnTheRocks

    This video encouraged me to watch Dante's Peak for the first time in probably 10 years, at least. And yeah, it still looks dope. Probably the weakest effects are with the water/flood sequence, but that's due to the miniature work. Don't think even modern CG would have been terribly better though, my brain still picks up on it. Water is just insane man.

  • Phillip Ende
    Phillip Ende

    What was with the face in the smoke at 5:56?

  • Oskar Lundström
    Oskar Lundström

    Why is there a face in the smoke @5.57?

  • Mig&Nate

    Total recall X-ray scene

  • DHansSolo

    Anyone else notice the face in the smoke at 05:55 ?

  • Iam Nobody
    Iam Nobody

    hey guys! Please do the Motor Kombat Movie! especially the part in the movie where there is a CGI lizard snake monster demon thing....talk about atrocious.

  • Ryan Webb
    Ryan Webb

    I'm still struggling with the idea that a Land Rover Defender could outrun anything at all, forwards or reverse.

  • Noodle God
    Noodle God

    Saw Volcano for the first time a few months ago and I’ll always feel bad for that guy that died saving a stranger. What was amusing tho was that throughout the whole movie nobody seemed to know what lava was, or how it or volcanoes even worked, and I just wondered if the whole city didn’t pay attention in 4th grade science class.

  • Soggy Steve
    Soggy Steve

    You also have to remember we watched most of these old movies on CRT TVs. So most of the bad effects were really hard to notice. Great content!

  • The Genius Fool
    The Genius Fool

    The movie 2012 was made 12 years ago. Me:* suddenly becomes old

  • MrVipitis

    Not a reference to Clints original masterpiece the floor is lava?

  • Eleanor Schichtel
    Eleanor Schichtel

    How Dare You call Jason Isaacs the poor man's Jon Hamm he was already a prolific actor when Hamm was still teaching middle school drama classes

  • Red McBeard
    Red McBeard

    …. Dante’s peak.

  • Kenny

    Love+Death & Robots DOOO IT!!!

  • Kenny

    Love+Death & Robots DOOO IT!!!

  • Snooks

    4:11 what the heck was that transition.. the way the jeep was landing it would've broken the rear axle

  • capnthepeafarmer

    I love when Freddy and Nico nerd out on movies, total film nerds!

  • Laura Quintero
    Laura Quintero

    Welcome to Marwen!!! Pleaseeee!

  • Xeno Smoke
    Xeno Smoke

    Yep, I was that kid in the 90’s scared shitless by that movie.

  • Body Rot
    Body Rot

    A poor man’s John Hamm is.. John Spam.

  • Dan Stevens
    Dan Stevens

    I've been to where they filmed Dantes Peak. It's a small town in Idaho. Wallace, Idaho. They still have a tour that mentions it. Lol. The mountain itself is CGI whenever you see it in the movie from the town. Mountain isn't there in real life :)

  • Eric Lynn Wright
    Eric Lynn Wright

    5:56 WHAT?

  • Geo Dav
    Geo Dav

    When you are subscribed since first few videos you watched, and listening to them asking for sub originally every time ...

  • Tim Adams
    Tim Adams

    React to Love Death Robots.

  • Mario Villalobos
    Mario Villalobos

    Kung pow enter the fist!

  • Nhat Tuyen Vo Dieu
    Nhat Tuyen Vo Dieu

    Damn Glenn Close knows volcanos

  • Tyler Billups
    Tyler Billups

    Funny enough i live just fifteen minutes away from dantes peak location.

  • Nuzhar Nur
    Nuzhar Nur

    Fiji would've never existed if it weren't for a volcano. Also, would've loved it if you guys had reacted to the eruption in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and that ridiculous Chris Pratt limp scene

  • Nuzhar Nur
    Nuzhar Nur

    Oh man I remember watching Dante's Peak on a _Laser Disc_ . This was in the 2000's btw (for me anyway, we still have the stuff and it works fine) the only thing I remember was when the grandma walks in the hot lava water and obviously burns her legs

  • Tom De Roeck
    Tom De Roeck

    for experts commenting on VFX, this sure was colour graded poorly between different interview angles. loved the video otherwise though :D

  • Willy Billy
    Willy Billy

    Your Fx excitement makes me excitement

  • Nick111567

    Sincere question about Niko saying that the lava blob would be smoking and be on fire, what would be causing the smoke/fire? I would assume that the platform is made of concrete, would the concrete produce smoke?

  • StormCloud3876

    Dante's Peak for sure.

  • Darwinian Glitch
    Darwinian Glitch

    Video idea, jank from a hat. vote for the best cg scene and in one day two teams must remake the scenes effect in their own way.


    React to Music VideoClips

  • Bonesplinter

    You need to do Greenland! Quite amazing cgi, and it has a great way of tricking you into thinking it’s real.

  • Misterie Ping
    Misterie Ping

    9:33 Freddie was not exaggerating, that scene scarred me as a kid and made me unable to sleep well for a week. Years have passed, and I already forgot the scenes from the movie except THAT one.

  • Niranjan sahoo
    Niranjan sahoo

    Watch Krrish 3

  • Twix Pro
    Twix Pro

    6:07 Художники по видеоэффектам

  • Tanner frey
    Tanner frey

    every model is a simulation that varies in complexity and accuracy, be it in size or functionality. a quote that i heard once is that no model can ever be %100 accurate, the trick is finding out how close to accurate you need to realistically be.

  • mookymookymooo

    Freddie you are so right, I grew up in the 90s and that lava scene HAS aaaalways been etched in my mind. I just had no idea till now that I was not alone 😮

  • Zazzoto

    React to American Gods intro scene and scene transitions.

  • Bob B
    Bob B

    🤣🤣🤣Anyone else see the face at 5:57?!?

  • Sophie Shaw
    Sophie Shaw

    The visuals in 2012 are what made the film

  • Humanoid25

    I had to watch Dante’s Peak for a geology class in college. It’s such a good movie!!! Some of the stuff in it is actually scientifically accurate (not all of it *cough* the driving on lava scene *cough cough*) but I still freaking love it

  • The Official Harsh Mahadik!
    The Official Harsh Mahadik!

    You should to Robot 2.0 movie's last fight scene on Bollywood reactions those are some really good ass fx.

  • Damian Ramirez
    Damian Ramirez

    The extra died... lol Burst into laughing...

  • Wannabe Gamer
    Wannabe Gamer

    Can you please please please! Check out the work behind Detroit Become Human? I know it's a videogame but I would love to hear what you say about it. Pretty please 🥺

  • Lauren Baker
    Lauren Baker

    Longtime watcher of your videos and a subscriber I might add. *wiink wink. I'd love to see you look at some of the effects in the Tool music videos like Vicarious or Parabola. They do makeup, puppets, practical, stop motion animation and cgi. Please go take a look.

  • vampiricus

    Just incase yall have not done them all ready "I have yet to watch all of your reacts" I would like to suggest 1. The Lawnmower Man 2. Hollowman 3. Johnny Mnemonic

  • riff5fki

    I'd love to eventually see a breakdown of some CGI from Deep Space Nine

  • Andrew Murray
    Andrew Murray

    I know a great do-over scene - when that winnebago jumps the disintegrating road, replace that with the A-Team van!

  • Andrew Murray
    Andrew Murray

    was 2012 where Yellowstone (super-volcano) blows?

  • nerdy1701

    I used to have nightmares with lava coming from under my bed and me burning because of the movie volcano. Definitely remember that movie

  • -Attack of the youtube copyright bots-
    -Attack of the youtube copyright bots-


  • Dave H
    Dave H

    Dante's peak was filmed in Wallace, Idaho--a hard-rock silver mining town surrounded by granite mountains. The nearest volcanoes are the cascade range over 350 miles away. Anything remotely volcano-like was some sort of special effect.

  • Garrett Green
    Garrett Green

    Bro Dante's Peak has got to be one of my favorite movies ever. It's not THE favorite but it's high on my list.

  • Cheap Tactics
    Cheap Tactics

    In that first movie, when the car is escaping, the lava is flowing waaaaaaaaaay too fast. Lava doesn't flow like that, it's like, viscous and slow. It has a hard time flowing on flat ground. Also, in volcano, the guy that jumps and melts, it wouldn't happen like that. Water reacts violently with lava. Even the water inside meat. It vaporizes so fast that it explodes.

    • Cheap Tactics
      Cheap Tactics

      @Christopher Garcia you can watch videos of people throwing shit into lava. I believe I saw one with someone throwing a piece of meat

    • Christopher Garcia
      Christopher Garcia

      The last part you said. Shit that's gruesome.

  • Brad J
    Brad J

    Why is Clint still in the end card, but not Peter, Jordan or Nat?

  • Jon C
    Jon C

    Not sure if you’ve covered any Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief before but I watched it the other night and I thought it was pretty well done.

  • abasiono gunter
    abasiono gunter

    pls do teenage mutant turtle movie

  • aamir mdkhan
    aamir mdkhan

    The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

  • KerioFive

    you guys make me so happy

  • Hector Curiel
    Hector Curiel

    Have y'all done The Mask yet??

  • Nige Murray
    Nige Murray

    Davey Jones in pirates of the Caribbean

  • MYTH

    React for the movie "The green hornet" the split screen short i want to know how do they do that..

  • Andy Gilleand
    Andy Gilleand

    Similar to 2012 another movie to check out would be San Andreas

    • Creepoor

      Verified without 1k likes un expectable!

  • fatcat m0rty
    fatcat m0rty

    They say poor man's John Hamm and I see Ewan McGregor

  • Gale Christensen
    Gale Christensen

    I'm much more of a Tommy Lee Jones person myelf, but as far as the actual movies go? Dante's Peak all the way baby! It is just so ,much more, So much more. It felt a lot more like Mount Saint Helens, much more real. Volcano is good, don't get me wrong, but it just looked more "fake" to me. I don't know how to describe it.

  • Rob Lynch
    Rob Lynch

    lighting in this video/studio is awful.

  • Alex Worrell
    Alex Worrell

    react to love death robots!!!

  • halidagar

    You guys should react to love death robots

  • Janzer

    these guys really do put some work on them ads, gg at the end

  • Big Man Dean
    Big Man Dean

    Happy feet salmon

  • Big Man Dean
    Big Man Dean

    The life of Pi salmon

  • wolf

    A volcano episode and you don't react to Pompeii?

  • Fear & Loathing in General
    Fear & Loathing in General

    React to VFX on VHS and compare to Digital re-releases. There's a HUGE difference. These movies weren't supposed to look as crisp as BluRay or 1080p.

  • BriaNAlternative

    Please react to the Kyle Minogue 2002 music video "Come into my World" it was directed by Michel Gondry. It was the first music video that really surprised me back in the day for it's visual effects. I love you guys

  • Luke Loeser
    Luke Loeser

    Walking with Dinosaurs sea monsters has the best cgi I’ve seen in any documentary lol I think you should check it

  • Afif MFadil
    Afif MFadil

    Pls REACT to Wandavision on disney +

  • Loris Dzuba
    Loris Dzuba

    you should react to love death robots from Netflix

  • Herb Dean
    Herb Dean

    You guys should do the scene from raised by wolves where mother attacks the colony ship. Some janky continuity stuff

  • walter fabile
    walter fabile

    Can you do the Angels and Demons (2009) about the explosion of anti matter at the climax of movie?

  • Devin_ Improductif
    Devin_ Improductif

    hrless.info/window/video/rqx8rKeBva64nm4.html this

  • Sweaty Seth
    Sweaty Seth

    Real Steel

  • sirchinchin

    Hello can you comment on the 80’s TV show “Automan”.

  • Jeremy Burnette
    Jeremy Burnette

    I was searching, but I didn't see that you all reacted to Love, Death, Robots season 1 yet.

  • Bernardo Souza
    Bernardo Souza

    I think next cgi react should have some of love ,death& robots reacts,some episodes like lucky 13,sonies edge e some like it from season two,they have amazing graphics

  • SpecialAcE757

    Love, death, and robots please!!!

  • Alex Clarey
    Alex Clarey

    Please do "Love Death + Robots" S2 'snow in the dessert'

  • MonkeyKid86

    Have yall ever looked at "Hook" especially the effects with Tinkerbell?

  • Korvacc __
    Korvacc __

    Please please please react to love death and robots

  • Raggedy Adams
    Raggedy Adams

    I'd really like to see the Crew take a look at the Evil Dead movies/Sam Raimi's films at some point - from his low-budget roots to making blockbusters, he's got a long history of using cool filmmaking techniques such as improvised low-tech camera rigs like the "shakey-cam" and "ram-o-cam" as well as CGI, rear-projection, stop-motion and other in-camera trickery, and he also has a lot of cool/hilarious stuntwork, even when it's just him having Bruce Campbell get the shit beaten out of him in the Evil Dead Trilogy.

  • JDJM

    You guys need to react to the new episode from Love Death & Robots Season 2 called "Snow in the Desert" is just INCREDIBLE

    • JDJM

      I hope they do some day. It would pretty interesting

    • Tyler Edge
      Tyler Edge

      They said a long time ago they would do the first season but never did, I think somethings up with it.

    • TheDuvanator

      For sure! It's the best compelling CGI short I've seen since Syama Pedersen's Astartes Project. Here's a link to the trailer: hrless.info/window/video/zm2Wpmia3M3Ve6U.html

  • Nik Phillips
    Nik Phillips

    I’ve just watched Love Death and Robots season 2. And the episode Snow in the desert would be worth talking about ?

  • Aaron Woods
    Aaron Woods

    Please cover Bucketheads in the new video. It's a new Star Wars fan-made mini-series. hrless.info/window/video/noCssml6uZiwhKk.html

  • Geir Ove Eilertsen
    Geir Ove Eilertsen

    For your next "reacts to CGI", could you please look at the more than bad effects in Starship Troopers 2? Especially the scenes where they forgot to turn off the blinking LEDs that were supposed to show their "lasers" firing? You even make a video that shows how almost all the effects could have been done better 😇

  • Z.S.J.K

    Oh myyy